Schauenburg Education Trust Bursary 2024 – 2025

Schauenburg Education Trust Bursary 2024 – The Schauenburg Education Trust awards bursaries to students who are in the process of obtaining scarce skills qualifications, thus ensuring that more of these skilled professionals are developed and produced for future employment in South Africa. 

For the foreseeable future, the Schauenburg Education Trust will focus on providing bursaries to students in their second, third and fourth years of study in the fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as Business Management and Business Administration, at specified Universities. 

How do I qualify for a bursary in 2024 and what must I be studying?

Bursaries for the 2023 Academic Year are intended to cover second, third and fourth year students studying Electrical Engineering (BEng or BSc), Business Management and Business Administration (BCom) Degrees. 

For purposes of the 2023 intake, only students from the following Universities in Gauteng Province may apply: 

  • University of Pretoria 
  • University of Johannesburg 
  • North-West University (Vanderbijlpark) 
  • University of the Witwatersrand 

The students ought to be:

  • Black Persons/individuals as per B-BBEE Legislation, with preference given to Black women, Black students under 35 years of age, and Black students with disabilities;
  • South African citizens with valid ID Numbers;
  • Willing to attend interviews and undergo psychometric testing; and
  • Willing to spend University holidays doing vacation work or job shadowing at Schauenburg Systems (Pty) Ltd.

Schauenburg Bursary Value

Bursaries in respect of the 2023 Academic Year will cover some or all of the following costs: 

  1. 100% of the prescribed University tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees which will be paid directly to the University. 
  2. An amount equal to the average rate for accommodation in a single room at a University hostel at the University where the student is studying. This rate will be determined by the Trustees of Schauenburg Education Trust and may be paid directly to the University. 
  3. An amount for text books and course material. 
  4. An amount for living allowances. 

All payments in regard to the Bursary will be paid as determined by the Trustees. Full details regarding payments will be communicated to successful applicants. 

Bursary Eligibility

First, Second or Third Year students studying Electrical Engineering Degrees (BEng or BSc) or Business Management and Business Administration (BCom) Degrees may apply to be considered for bursaries for their second, third and fourth years of study. 

Applicants must also be able to show that they have made good academic progress during their First, Second or Third years while studying towards obtaining their Electrical Engineering (BEng or BSc), Business Management and Business Administration (BCom) Degrees. Applicants must have passed all courses for which they have registered while at University.

Who Can Apply?

To apply for this bursary, students must be:

  • Full time First, Second or Third Year students and; 
  • Studying Electrical Engineering (BEng or BSc), Business Management and Business Administration (BCom) Degrees. 
  • Studying at specified accredited South African Universities (no bursaries for the 2023 Academic Year will be awarded to students for studies at any University of Technology or College). 

Selection Process

Applications for the 2023 Academic Year must be received by Schauenburg Education Trust before 30 July 2022

How To Apply?

Apply Online for Schauenburg Education Trust Bursary

Alternatively request an application form from Nthabiseng Mkhize: [email protected] and Megan Milburn: [email protected] 

Applicants must submit their matric results as well as their full academic record, reflecting their most recent results, in respect of their tertiary education using the form below.

The online application platform provides for the applicant to submit a cover letter, and upload supporting documents such as their Matric certificate, academic record as well as a copy of their Identity Documentation. 

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Bursary Administrators as well as the Trustees. 

Successful applicants will receive details relating to the Schauenburg Education Bursary Scheme, as well as a written contract and other information for completion.