Construction Bursaries South Africa 2024


Construction bursaries in South Africa are offered by a variety of organizations, including government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. These bursaries are designed to help students financially so that they can pursue studies in construction-related fields.

There are a wide variety of construction bursaries available in South Africa, covering all levels of study, from diploma to postgraduate degrees. Some bursaries are open to all students, while others are restricted to students from specific backgrounds or who are pursuing specific fields of study.


To be eligible for a construction bursary, students typically need to have a strong academic record and a demonstrated interest in construction. Some bursaries also require applicants to meet certain financial criteria.

A list of contraction bursaries that are open for applications from students who wish to complete their degrees or diplomas in this field of study.


The application process for construction bursaries varies depending on the bursary provider. However, most bursary applications will require students to submit a completed application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Construction bursaries can provide students with a significant amount of financial support, allowing them to focus on their studies and achieve their career goals. These bursaries can also help to increase the number of qualified construction professionals in South Africa.

Here are some of the organizations that offer construction bursaries in South Africa:

  • The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
  • The South African Council for the Built Environment (SACBE)
  • The Master Builders Association of South Africa (MBASA)
  • The South African Forum for Civil Engineering (SAFCEC)
  • The South African Association of Consulting Engineers (SAACE)
  • The South African Institute of Building (SAIB)

In addition to these organizations, many private companies and non-profit organizations also offer construction bursaries. Students should check with their local construction companies and organizations to see if they offer any bursaries.