UJ Merit Bursary 2024

The university of Johannesburg (UJ) assist students with bursaries to help them pay for their studies. Merit bursaries awarded inconsideration of matric results. Merit Bursaries are divided into the following groups:

  • UJ internal bursaries
  • UJ Honours bursaries
  • 3rd party bursaries controlled by the UJ
  • National Research Foundation and Final Year Bachelor of Technology Block Grant bursaries

UJ Merit Bursary Eligibility

All qualifying registered students will automatically be evaluated for a UJ merit
bursary in the specific academic year in which they register. The onus remains
on the student to ensure that the bursary is allocated to his/her account by 31
August of the specific year

  • Only South African and SADC citizens will be evaluated for undergraduate and
    honours merit bursary (excluding full time students from the faculties that are
    recipients of UJ honours bursary)
  • Only students studying towards a first higher education qualification will be
    evaluated for undergraduate merit bursary.
    Postgraduate bursaries are awarded to all students (South African citizens and
    international students). Are the bursaries awarded yearly for Ms and Ds
  • Bursaries will be allocated only for degree courses and formal diploma courses.
    No bursaries will be awarded for certificate, non- formal diploma, bridging,
    non-degree and non-subsidised courses.Merit bursaries will only be allocated to the student’s account in the secondsemester.
  • Merit bursaries are allocated in the second semester, the student is responsible
    for the first minimum payment plus the April payment. Interest will be charged
    (as stated in the fee booklet) on overdue accounts and no interest will be
  • It remains the responsibility of the student (if eligible) to ensure that the bursary
    is allocated in that specific year. Bursaries cannot be backdated (awarded in
    retrospect) and the onus is therefore on the student to enquire why a bursary
    has not been allocated to his/her student account. If a bursary is allocated
    incorrectly, the University reserves the right to reverse the bursary in the
    year in which it is allocated.
  • No merit bursaries will be allocated for individual courses passed with distinction, i.e. only the credit weighted aggregate of all subjects for the full curriculum year will be taken into account.
  • Subject to sufficient funds being available to award bursaries to all the
    candidates who qualify, the bursaries are awarded according to the criteria,
    guidelines and values of the bursaries as set out.

How To Apply For UJ Merit Bursary?

The University of Johannesburg has created a dedicated bursaries page on its official website. This is done to make it easier for students who are looking for internal bursaries to find one. You must visit the official UJ Merit Bursary Application 2024 in order to apply for the bursary.

Wishing you all the best with your studies funded by the UJ Merit Bursary in 2024.