Shoprite Bursary Application 2024/2025


Shoprite Bursary Application 2024/2025 –  Get all details on how to apply for Shoprite Bursary 2024/2025 before the closing in September 2023.

Shoprite bursary offered by one of leading retail companies dominating the FMCG sector has once again opened bursary applications for 2024. Shoprite encourgae all students who might be financially constrained to submit their applications for 2024 funding opportunities.

Shoprite financial assistance programme has always been awarded to successful learners each year and this retailer has been consistent in assist students complete their studies.


Shoprite Accounting Bursary

  • You must have achieved 65%+ Aggregate on your academic performance
  • Achieve at least a minimum 65% in Accounting,
  • Your modules must include taxation and auditing
  • Be on your 2nd to 4th academic year/ Honours
  • This bursary is only open to South African citizens
  • You must be 27 years old and younger

Shoprite Information Technology Bursary

  • You must be studying towards a BSc/BCom majoring in Information Technology/Systems Analysis
  • Applicants must be students who are in 4th year/ Honours academic year
  • Only South African citizens will be funded
  • You must be 27 years old and younger

Shoprite Data Science Bursary

  • Applicants for Shoprite Data Science Bursary must be studying towards a degree or postgraduate qualification in Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research, Industrial Engineering & Quantitative Management (or similar quantitative degree)
  • Achieve at least 60%+ Aggregate
  • Achieve a minimum of 65% in Mathematics (from 2nd year of study)
  • Applicants must be students in their 2nd to 4th academic year/Honours
  • Only South African citizen will be funded
  • Be 27 years old and younger

Shoprite Food Science Bursary

  • This bursary is targeting students who wish to pursue a Diploma/Degree in Culinary Arts or related qualification in Hospitality Management/ BSc Food Science
  • Achieve at least 60%+ Aggregate
  • Be on your 2nd and 3rd academic year
  • Only South African citizens will be sponsored
  • Be 27 years old and younger


Shoprite has published a list of bursaries that will be awarded together with their application criteria. Here are bursaries made available for academic year 2023:

  • Accounting
  • Food Science
  • Criminology
  • Data Science
  • Retail Business Management
  • Information Science


Successful applicants who become Shoprite bursaries reciepients will covered for the following cost towards their studies:

  • Tuition fees
  • Books
  • Accommodation

The total amount allocated for each bursary reciepient is R30K to R60K depending on which field of study is being pursued.


Below is the list of documents that must accompany your application. These documents help in making a final decision and your application will not be considered without them.

  • Certified copies of your ID
  • Certified copies of your Matric/Grade 12 certificate
  • Your current year academic record with your institution letterhead

We discourage applicants from sending their original copies of documents required


Apply online quoting references:

Shoprite Accounting Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-5)

Shoprite Food Science Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-12)

Shoprite Data Science Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-7)

Shoprite Information Technology Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-8)

Shoprite Logistics & Supply Chain Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-9)

Shoprite Criminology Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-6)

Shoprite Retail Business Management Bursary Application 2024 (Ref: SHO230630-10)


30 September 2023


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