How To Apply For Bursaries In South Africa

Bursaries are a financial assistance that gets granted to students who apply on basis that they do not have money to pay for their studies. For instance is you have passed your matric (grade 12) but do not have money to further your studies, you may apply for a bursary.

Companies That Offer Bursaries In South Africa

Most organisations in South Africa make bursaries available to students who are deserving. One of the reasons why companies offer this type of assistance is basically to create a pool of skilled individuals they can recruit from. Another reason is that business community makes own contribution to skills development agenda in South Africa.

One way of doing so is to make bursaries available to South African learners who are able to demonstrate their commitment to education.

How To Apply For Bursaries In South Africa In 2023?

One way to apply for bursaries in South Africa is to write a letter to a company of choice and indicate that you are requesting a bursary. This letter must be directed to the bursary office or to the human resources office of the company in question.

This is a long short though because you might end up approaching companies that are not in a position to assist financially. Also you might struggle to get the correct contact details for the office responsible for disbersing funds.

The best way to apply for bursaries in South Africa is to get on the internet and perform a search for companies offering bursaries. Here you will find a list of those organisations that are inviting applications.

There will also be details about the fields of study that are targeted by that particular company. In some instance there will also be an indication of how much is allocated by that business for the academic year in question.

Fields of Study

Bursaries are allocated according to fields of study. The reason for that is that companies offering bursaries will in most cases want to contribute in the development of skills that they absorb. For instance, a company offering engineering services is most likely to offer engineering bursaries.

Popular Bursaries Categories











Bursaries Application Forms and Closing Dates

Once you have identified the company that you wish to request funding from, you will need to check whether they have published an application form. Most bursaries application forms can be downloaded online. Make sure that you download the correct form.

Documents Required

Fill it in and attach all required documents before returning it. In most cases below are the documents that will be needed:

  • Your latest CV
  • Your ID book
  • Your Matric certificate or result statement
  • Proof that you have been accepted by an institution of higher education of South Africa
  • Proof of income

If is highly recommended that you do not send your original documents. When you return your application, it must be accompanied by certified copies of required document. This is to protect you from losing your original documents.